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About us

My name is Ofri Bass, I am a cosmetician and Chinese Medicine practitioner, and have been treating facial skin for over 15 years.

Throughout my years of experience, I have developed methods that help me analyze my patients’ skin by looking at their tongue and by asking some key questions.

I believe the ideal treatment is a combination of Chinese Medicine principles and active ingredients. For a long time, I had felt that there was a great need for a cosmetics revolution, a transition into an integrative approach that combines ingredients from nature, based on Chinese and Western plants, with active ingredients and technology. Scientific discoveries are powerful and provide opportunities to enhance the efficacy of natural ingredients. This is how Lily Kai was born.

Ofri Bass Profile

Product Line

Lilly Kai consists of both internal and external therapies. The internal treatment uses mainly Chinese herbal infusion formulas that aim at balancing the body from the inside, while the external products allow for the restoration and healing of the skin topically.

Today the focus of the brand is the treatment of mature skin (anti-aging) on the one hand and problematic skin on the other. Mature and aging skin care provides a solution for all ages. Anti-aging is not just for adults. It is essentially preventative skin care. Just like in Chinese Medicine, my vision is focused on prevention before healing. Proper use of the right products, awareness, and adaptation of a healthier lifestyle allow my patients to keep their faces beautiful for many years to come.

Why Lilly Kai?

Lilly Kai’s signature products have active ingredients and were specifically created to kickstart your skin’s transformation. We fuse East and West – ancient Chinese Medicine techniques together with a deep respect for nature and the various medicines it provides, supported by cutting-edge science and technology. In short, Lilly Kai offers a holistic inside-out approach to skin health and aesthetics.

The combination of our tea infusions with our active products is the making of our winning integrative skin care. We believe in a balanced daily routine that allows us to witness and enjoy a positive transformation within a very short time.

Our Vision

Lilly Kai was created from the deep belief that we should strive for the treatment best suited for our complexion and that each skin has unique needs. Factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle, geographical location, and climate should all be considered.

Our main intention is to provide the best long-term plan for your skin using the best active skin products, as well as implementing an easily manageable day and night home routine for cleansing, replenishing, and nourishing.

We believe that within two weeks of using the correct products, you will see your skin beginning to change.

What’s my role in all of this?

I want to clarify something; I am constantly asked about the way I keep my skin looking beautiful. People often think that I eat only super healthy food and that I meditate all day long. That is far from true; I, too, enjoy life’s guilty little pleasures. I love beach holidays, I love the sun, I love eating good food that is not necessarily so healthy, and I love having fun. I simply look after my skin. When I go out in the sun, I wear a hat that protects my face and my neck. I wear sunscreen, and of course, I never forget my facial products routine, morning and night. That’s it! Rest assured, I don’t drink cucumber shakes or do yoga all day. I wish I did, but I’m realistic.

I flow with life’s fast pace, and I make no apologies for this because I love living. I also want to feel and look young for as long as I can.