Do these Products Work for Everyone, and What’s Anti-Aging, anyway?

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In the scientific community, anti-aging research refers exclusively to slowing, preventing and/or reversing the aging process. In creating our smart cosmetics, we have turned to the most trustworthy of authorities: Mother Nature. She knows exactly what she is doing. Nature has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. So, we have applied her wisdom to the creation of our anti-aging products. With the help of nanotechnology which strengthens and enhances natural raw materials, we have produced trans-dermal anti-aging cosmetics that penetrate the skin’s layers to stimulate and actually reverse the aging process. If your skin is important to you, and if you want to protect it for years to come, then our smart products are for you.

If your facial skin is important to you and you’re interested in protecting it by using the best nature has to offer enhanced in the lab – these products are for you. Nature knows exactly what it’s doing, and it is very important to us to use natural raw materials; but in order for the product to really penetrate the skin layers it’s vital to synthesize them through nanotechnology. That way we intensify and enhance the natural raw materials to produce trans-dermal products – that is, ones that penetrate the skin layers and are able to stimulate change.


Lilly Kai products bridge the gap between the best nature has to offer and cutting-edge scientific technology, making them products that can really make a change and do so pleasantly, constructively, and supportive of you and your skin.
The products are designed to support mature skin – anti-aging (what does that mean? In a bit!), problematic skin (we’ll shed some on this awkward term in a bit as well), and those who were blessed with perfect genetics and are fabulous but wish to keep themselves that way for many years.

I aim for balanced, healthy skin.

It’s really awesome to have skin that meets such expectations, but don’t feel frustrated if yours doesn’t feel balanced and healthy – you’re not alone! We’ll talk about that too.
Anyway, my aim is that, after a few months – even 1-2 months – you’ll already feel that your skin is healthier, breathing better, more balanced and looking forward to good things.

So, let’s talk about all these terms for minute – anti-aging and problematic skin.

As I see it, most women over 30 can already start working with anti-aging products. The anti-aging I’m talking about isn’t necessarily what your friend’s plastic surgeon or Botox injector mean.

Anti-aging means starting to help your skin keep its vitality. The key substances are fruit acids. Mostly alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, as well as vitamin A and its derivatives. These are substances that have been proven beyond doubt as cell regenerating and imperfection restoring. Now comes the question of what acids to use? At what concentration? At what pH level?
On top of the active ingredients in the product, there’s also great importance to the emulsion (base material) in which these ingredients are placed. The emulsion could make the difference between a product that would make your skin glow and one that would cause it to peel and make it irritated and miserable.

That’s why it’s so important to me that Lilly Kai serums and products are all based on active ingredients. Active ingredients of superior quality, at high concentration, but non-irritating. The emulsion will feel invigorating, velvety, pleasant, easily and enjoyably absorbed in the skin. That is why after a relatively short period of a month or two you will already feel and see the difference. Your skin will come alive.

Problematic skin? What does that mean – well, this isn’t math, and my definition isn’t necessarily the same as the next person’s. problematic skin is skin that tends to develop pimples, blemishes, acne. There can be different levels of problematic skin – minor, medium, and severe.

I always ask those complaining of acne about what they’ve already tried, have they taken any medication. One of the best medications currently on the market is Roaccutane, and many doctors also prescribe antibiotics for a time.

I must say that with acne, the solution isn’t always easy and banal, and it doesn’t always work. I prefer being honest, because those suffering from acne have already been promised everything, and have already experienced countless disappointments, so what I offer is reality.

The reality is this – acne in different individuals results from different causes. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, it’s even more clear-cut. There can be acne that stems from moisture and heat, from ‘toxicity’, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes. In short, it’s a very broad field, and sometimes, pure time and cleansing can help. Sometimes a change in diet can help. And sometimes hormonal balancing and change can help. Unfortunately, I bear no definitive good news on this subject.

In my experience, in my 15 years as cosmetician and Chinese acupuncturist, I can testify that I’ve achieved great success with some products, but it doesn’t always work.

My solution for minor to medium pimples – steady use of active products at night (at varying concentrations levels – depending on the nature of the pimples), combined with a product that acts on the skin as a natural antibiotic. During the day, gentle, irritant-free medical moisturizer or, again – a moisturizer based on plants that sanitize and coalesce the skin. In addition, our Shaman Mask does wonders for irritated skin, and really helps it to balance.

Sensitive skin – here I touch upon what may be the most sensitive and hard to read issue.

Most women with untreated skin would say that they have “sensitive skin”.

To me, sensitive skin is skin that “throws a fit” web encountering any product. It’s huddled up in its cell, not knowing how to interact with the outside environment, and every product causes it to cry out in protest, expressed in pimples, irritation, etc. I’m afraid this type of skin is far from rare. Many women out there have skin that meets this criterion. This is because until now, the skin has yet to encounter someone who managed to read it. Skin of this type requires working step-by-step.

What does that mean? It means, in most cases, holding off on the acids. Slowly whispering to the skin, with gentle nourishing and disarming materials, until it is resilient enough to handle active ingredients and become everything you and I dream of – fabulous.


I’d be happy to know which definition you found most suitable to your skin, and in fact – I’d love to hear any question of comment you might have.

Lilly Kai – everything your skin needs.

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