Hello Winter!
Skin Care in the cold months

טיפול נכון לעור בחורף - hello winter
עופרי בס תמונת פנים

Hello winter, our old friend. You are a magical time for our skin. As the days become shorter and the sun not as strong, we spend less time outside, by the pool or the beach. Let’s take advantage of our reduced exposure to the sun and focus on skincare. Let’s be meticulous with proper facial treatments to improve our skin!

Winter is a magical season for the skin. It’s the perfect time to be meticulous about proper treatment that can make a real difference to our complexion.

The right moment for active products and heavy, rich nourishment is now.

In the three winter months in Israel, we can take away years off our skin!

The key is to use the right products for you in order to maximize results; choose a balanced treatment protocol by incorporating both supportive and nourishing ingredients.

Eliminate at night, create by day.

Sounds dramatic? Well, the skin is a bit of a drama queen.

During the night, the “elimination” ingredients remove tired skin, break down wrinkles, spots, and all other blemishes.

During the day, we nourish and restore, support, and build up new fibers. This is when we provide the skin with all the raw materials and nutrients it needs to evenly and resiliently form into a beautiful and healthy complexion.

There are a lot of products on the market today that include active ingredients.

Before choosing active products, it’s important to consider several things.

Some products are too strong and aren’t suitable for everyone. This often results in irritation, redness or peeling, and in a difficult and uneven skin restoration process.

Other products include small amounts of active ingredients and low pH levels, which make them virtually inactive.

The truth is, there isn’t a single treatment that fits all.

Winter is ideal for anti-aging experimentation. Our anti-aging kit is a winner. It is both balanced and luxurious.

Nighttime products are based on high-quality elimination ingredients, which are based on scientific research and discovery. The nighttime formulas all work together to gently lighten, even out, and regenerate cells. There is a misconception that active ingredients must sting and itch to be effective. With Lilly Kai’s products, it’s quite the opposite – the application itself is delightful, and the formulas assimilate into the skin without irritation or peeling.

Peeling actually indicates a lack of balance between creation and elimination, and that something in the protocol must be changed.

Winter is creamy. It’s time to nourish the skin with rich, thick moisturizers, particularly if using active products, because the skin tends to become drier.

Winter is healing. It’s also a great time to lighten sun and pigmentation spots. There are many products and means to brighten the skin. In many cases, using very potent or aggressive lightening products leaves the skin sensitive and vulnerable, causing all sunlight spots to return in the summer. Lilly Kai favors “smart” lightening products

“Smart” products are not based solely on strong acids and retinoids, but also on smart technologies, making them active and effective on the one hand, and gentle (no peeling or irritation) on the other hand. Products that penetrate the skin without leaving it vulnerable.

A smart example is our Dark Matter serum. An acid-based lightening serum, with the addition of an active melanin-inhibitor ingredient called Albatin. By inhibiting enzymes that increase pigments, it both breaks down existing spots and prevents the possible creation of new spots.

Ninja Latte is our genius formula. Based on capsulated retinol and bakuchiol, a wonderous ingredient extracted from the Babchi (Psoralea corylifolia) plant, it is extraordinarily effective in regenerating skin without irritation.

You’re invited to read more about our anti-aging kit to get an in-depth understanding of each product.

Infuse your winter. We have a variety of Chinese herb infusions that can be tailored to the needs of your skin and body.

Take our Skin Quiz. It will help you choose the home-treatment kit that suits you best, including a Chinese herb infusion.

Stay warm!

Lilly Kai – everything your skin needs.

עופרי בס

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