Perimenopause Transition and Chinese Medicine

עופרי בס תמונת פנים

During perimenopause, women often experience an imbalance of Yin and Yang which can contribute to the drying and aging of our skin. This period of transition can also be a great opportunity to re-nourish, replenish and revitalize the skin. But the sooner we start caring for our skin, the more far-reaching the results.

Perimenopause (which is also expressed by imbalance of Ying and Yang in the female body) is a great opportunity to renourish our facial skin, and even achieve far-reaching results in preserving its vitality the sooner the better.

Perimenopause is without a doubt one of the most challenging stages in the life of every woman. As a cosmetician and Chinese medicine practitioner, I approach the concept of ‘perimenopause’ from the perspective of this ancient Eastern medicine, realizing that the same imbalance that undermines all the systems in our body is actually an opportunity for us to establish a new, stronger balance. Both inner and outer balance.

Yin and Yang – More than a Black-and-White Circle

From a philosophical point of view, Yin and Yang represent the forces acting on the world. Forces that are divided into two opposing groups, which constantly seek to complement each other and reach a harmonious balance. When imbalanced, that is – when one is in excess and the other lacking – illness will pursue. Chinese medicine strives to keep the body healthy by balancing the Yin and the Yang.


Represents ‘matter’, meaning all physical elements of our body: skeleton, bones, muscles, tendons, soft tissue, blood, and fluids. It is the feminine force, quieter one, related to slow-paced, internal processes.


Yang in the body represents the heat, motion, activity, and alertness, and is therefore also considered the ‘spirit’. It is likened to ‘the bright side of the mountain’, i.e., daytime, and is manifested in activity and in fast and swift energetic processes. Chinese Medicine considers perimenopause as symptoms caused by a lack of Yin. As a result, there is a decrease in bodily fluids, which would immediately become visible in reduced skin moisture, dryness, redness, and heat waves. One of the most effective ways to strengthen Yin in our body is drinking unique herbal tea blends, that operate from within to reintroduce vitality to facial skin and maintain it over time.

Internal Moisturizer?

Absolutely! Keeping skin tissues moisturized and nourishing them from within with the help of Chinese herbs (tea blends). This method has become more trendy in recent years, simply because it’s effective. By examining pictures of their tongue sent to me by patients, I can see exactly what herbs should be included in a personalized custom-made formula in order to achieve ideal balance.

Is Just Drinking Tea Enough?

Of course not. That is why I recommend integrated treatment. At Lilli Kai clinic we developed products that make up a balanced home-use kit, containing everything your skin needs to successfully cope with perimenopause and make you glow more than ever.

Anti-Aging by Lilly Kai

Our anti-aging kit acts on two fronts: inner and outer. Outer treatment is divided into night treatment and day treatment. The night treatment routine is based on actions to eliminate and regenerate tired cells (wrinkled, crepey and pigmentated skin), while the day treatment routine focuses on rebuilding and fostering the creation of a new, thicker, and more resilient layer. Combined with the consumption of Chinese herb tea blends (the inner front), we achieve a healthy balance, that quickly leads to impressive results visible on facial skin.

What’s Included in the Kit?

A compete set of serums and creams designed to protect the skin against radiation, free radicals, to counter spotting and hyperpigmentation. The kit restores natural glow to your facial skin, builds up and supports the creation of a healthy, thicker layer.

עופרי בס

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