So, What Does Smart Cosmetics Actually Mean?

עופרי בס תמונת פנים

For me, the world of cosmetics can be divided into two main categories: classic cosmetics and natural cosmetics.

The way I see it, the cosmetics world is divided into two main categories:
Classic and natural.

Classic Cosmetics

‘Classic’ cosmetics is the outdated approach based solely on synthetic chemical compounds, whose entire purpose is to attack damaged skin cells (wrinkled, crepey, spotty skin) and peel them off. In most cases, skin reactions are severe, such as uneven peeling and over-suppression of melanin, which could cause hypopigmentation.

Natural Cosmetics

‘Natural’ cosmetics are based solely on natural ingredients and are usually a home-made concoction of extracts and essential oils. The problem with this approach is that apart from smelling nice and feeling good on the skin, natural cosmetics, in most cases, won’t lead to real improvement, simply because it’s not potent enough. I always say to my patients that a strictly natural regimen means aging. There’s simply no way around it.
In both categories treatment would usually be superficial, temporary, and quite frankly frustrating.
It’s time for the cosmetics world to move forward, abandon the old way, and adopt a new paradigm: smart cosmetics.

Smart Cosmetics

This ground-breaking approach first and foremost acknowledges the benefits of the raw materials that nature provides, while also relying on established research, scientific data, and technological advancements. Smart cosmetics succeeds in combining both classic and natural cosmetics and enables the natural raw materials to penetrate the skin more efficiently, allowing them to work their magic, and to be truly absorbed over years. The secret is in striking a balance: while acting to regenerate tired, flawed skin cells (elimination), smart cosmetics know how to foster the nourishment of new skin fibers in a deep and effective process (creation).

Lilly Kai was created for this exact need; to use the powers of both nature and science to our greatest advantage, allowing technology to optimize the benefits found in natural raw materials. One might say we cracked the code, by developing the ultimate home treatment for cell regeneration alongside preservation of the skin’s natural vitality. Within a short period of using our products, your skin will feel smoother, more consistent, and even more resilient to the harmful effects of time.

Very Berry Antioxidant Formula

A good example of smart cosmetics is our Very Berry serum, a leading product in the Lilly Kai product line. As suggested by its name, the formula consists of açai, goji berries and blueberries. That’s right, it’s made of fruit! A patented technology developed in Switzerland extracts the stem cells of these fruits, so that our skin cells identify them as a natural, nourishing raw materials that encourage a healthier, more effective tissue regeneration and restoration. The unique Very Berry formula provides skin cells with a high concentration of ferulic acid and phospholipids, which aid in enhancing and reinforcing cell walls, leading to a fresh, youthful-looking skin.

That’s smart cosmetics and the essence of Lilly Kai – extracting nature’s best through science and technology.

עופרי בס

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